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How Lashing Changed My Life

Ok.. so it's been a hot, HOT minute since I did a blog post. After having a rough month (personal & business) I took a few moments to think about my life now, versus what it was last year, & I couldn't feel anything but gratitude.

When I say lashing has changed my life, I truly mean it has Changed. My. Life. Just a little over a year ago, I was working a (for lack of better words) shitty part-time job at the mall, barely getting by, anxious, depressed, & all around disappointed in myself.

In 2016, I was working my dream job, making a great salary, enjoying work, the people I worked with, & feeling so thankful i'd found something I was passionate about so early in life. Until... the company I was working for announced their bankrupcy (which happened while I was in England at my Grandfathers funeral toboot) & my world came crashing down. I went from being a manager of a multi-million dollar outlet location, for one of the most well know retailers in Canada, to working part-time for a company I knew nothing about & had no passion for, just so I could get by. (I must say I am very thankful to my boyfriends mother who got me this job quickly after losing my other, as I know most people are not fortunate enough to find work again that quickly.) This job was a toxic situation for me though, & I shortly realized I needed out, but what would I do? Where would I go? What was I passionate about?

I've always LOVED makeup, skincare & anything beauty related. I started seeing this eyelash extension trend, & how popular it was getting, so I finally gave in & booked an appointment to try them myself.

To say I was O B S E S S E D was an understatment..

I completely fell inlove with them. The ease of waking up in the morning & not having to put makeup on, how confident they made me feel, how they complimented my eye shape to enhance them, & the way people suddenly noticed the slight difference in my appearance that made such a huge difference.

I was so obsessed with them that I started researching..

How long have they been around for? How does it work? Where do the products come from? What do they cost? What is the glue formulated of? Where do lash artists work from? How much do artists in my area charge? What is the potential profit? What would it cost me to start up? & finally... Where can I take the course?

I knew I needed to do this.. it was calling me. I knew this could potentially change my life. So I registered for the course right away.

The course wasn't everything I hoped for, unfortunately. I went home feeling defeated & wondering what the hell I was doing here, & then I thought.. I just made an INVESTMENT to change MY future, why don't I turn this around & PROVE that I can do this. So I practiced... & practiced.. & practiced, & watched videos, & used my sister & best friend as guinea pigs.

I wanted this.. I wanted it bad. For myself, & for my future. So before I knew it I had made an Instagram, & was getting the ball rolling on the business side. Things took off so fast I couldn't keep track, & 4 months later I was spending every last spare minute of my weeks squeezing in appointments. I was working my part time job at the mall, & building my future, & let me tell you.. it was SO worth it.

I couldn't believe it.. I really couldn't. Christmas came around & I said to myself; in 3 months, if i'm doing just as well/better, I will quit my part-time job.

Jordan (my very supportive boyfriend) & I were in Mexico in February & while there I had lots of time to think about where things were going with my business & to be real... how much I hated my part time job. On that vacation, I decided that I WILL be successful & I WILL quit my part time job (it was just a matter of how soon, now).

March came around, & I was turning down clients because I was unable to accomedate them & I had to make a decision. Do I keep hindering the growth of my business & keep my part time job for "security", or do I take the leap of faith & quit.

So I wrote up my resignation.. & it sat on the desktop of my laptop for 2 weeks until one day before my 4-9pm shift that I did NOT want to go too.. I printed & signed it. That was it, I was quitting.

Roll on April 17th 2018, my last day as an EMPLOYEE. I am free. I am now TRULY my own boss. The future is mine, & i'm ready to seize it!

Since then i've been able to travel home to see my family for the first time in 2 years, go to Mexico with my best friend, something we've wanted to do for literally 10 years!! Spend more quality time with Jordan & my friends, decrease my stress level & anxiety, keep up with life, create my own schedule to better suit the lifestyle I want to live, & create a better income for myself & my future.

I can't thank myself enough.. for believe in myself, for taking the risk, for not caring what people think, for manifesting my dreams.. & for making them come true. I wanted to put this into words today as I sat here & reflected on the changes that have come to my life over the past year or so. I don't necessarily enjoy sharing my difficulties with you, but I do enjoy sharing the amazing things that can come when you believe in yourself & are willing to make the change for yourself, & nobody but yourself.

I also can't thank my friends, family & clients enough. To my friends, for understanding when I couldn't come, or had to cancel, & for supporting my business in every aspect, THANK YOU. To my family, who supported me quitting my "real" job, despite the risks, THANK YOU. To Jordan, for supporting my decisions throughout this whole process, for letting me use the spare room in or apartment to make my dreams come true, & for loving my cranky-ass on those long lash days, THANK YOU. & my clients.. without you, NONE of this would be possible, THANK YOU from the very bottom of my heart.

Lashing has changed my life.. & the best is yet to come. I'm not done yet, i'm manifesting some big things & I can't wait for them to come to life.

Thanks for reading,

- Dani


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