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Volume Eyelash Extensions

What are volume eyelash extensions?

Volume eyelash extensions, also known as russian lash extensions, are handmade fans of 3 to 15 lashes that are then attached to each individual natural eyelash to create length and volume. Volume lashes are very artistic and can be used to create an array of different looks to suit the clients needs.

What do volume eyelash extensions look like?

Volume eyelash extensions are full, dense and used to create a dramatic lash line. Volume lashes can be customized to create many different looks that can become a replacement for eye makeup all together.


How long do volume eyelash extensions last?


Volume eyelash extensions typically last 3 weeks before needing to be refilled. Seeing as volume lashes are created with fans of multiple extensions to create a fuller look, this means that they will also appear fuller for longer before needing a fill.

How often should I get a fill for my volume lashes?


Typically a fill should be done every 3 weeks for volume lashes. Volume eyelash extensions last longer seeing as they make the lash line fuller, but that doesn’t mean that you can wait any longer than 3 weeks to get them filled. Our natural lashes still go through shedding cycles, and lashes that have fallen out will need to be replaced.


How long do volume eyelash extensions take?


Volume eyelash extensions take 3 to 3.5 hours to apply. Volume lash fans are handmade by the artist during the appointment, meaning that completing a full set of volume lash extensions takes longer than other styles. Hand making fans is not something that can be rushed when done properly.

How are volume eyelash extensions applied?


Volume eyelash extensions are applied by adhering a handmade fan to an individual natural eyelash. The process is the same as any other set of eyelash extensions, but using a different type of lash and extension technique.


How much do volume eyelash extensions cost?


At dhesthetics, a full set of volume eyelash extensions is $180 plus tax, a 2 week fill is $80 plus tax, and a 3 week fill is $90 plus tax. A complimentary aftercare kit is included for all new clients. 

Can you put mascara on volume eyelash extensions?


No. You cannot put mascara on volume eyelash extensions. Just like any other type of lash extensions, mascara is oil based and can break down the bond in the adhesive causing premature shedding. It is especially important to not put mascara on volume lashes as it will close the beautiful fans that the artist has handmade and result in having to remove them.


Can you wear eyeliner with volume eyelash extensions?


Eyeliner can be worn with volume eyelash extensions, but is usually not needed. Volume eyelash extensions are often a replacement for eye makeup as they create such a full and dark lash line. If you do want to wear eyeliner, you can, as long as it’s an oil-free liquid formula.


Can you get volume eyelash extensions wet?


You can get volume eyelash extensions wet after the recommended 6 hour waiting period. During this 6 hours it gives the adhesive a chance to fully cure, meaning the lashes cannot be compromised by varying factors. However, it is still not recommended to expose volume lashes to direct water pressure or prolonged periods of moisture.


Can you wear volume eyelash extensions with glasses?


Yes. Volume eyelash extensions can be worn with glasses. Just like any other set of eyelash extensions, volume lashes are fully customizable and can be kept short to accommodate glasses.


Do volume eyelash extensions ruin your real lashes?


Volume eyelash extensions do not ruin your real lashes. With proper application by an experienced artist and correct aftercare, lash extensions shouldn’t cause any damage to the natural lashes.


What is the difference between volume eyelash extensions and classic lash extensions?


The difference between volume lash extensions and classic lash extensions is that volume lashes are made with fans instead of singular extensions. Volume lashes are much fuller than classic lashes and provide a completely different look than classic lashes.


What is the difference between volume eyelash extensions and hybrid lash extensions?


The difference between volume lash extensions and hybrid lash extensions is that hybrid lashes are slightly less dense than volume lashes. Hybrid lashes are a mixture of classic and volume, meaning they aren't quite as full, and are a great in between for someone not ready for super full eyelash extensions.


Where can I get volume eyelash extensions?


You can get volume eyelash extensions from dhesthetics. Volume lashes are our most most popular service. You can book an appointment at dhesthetics by visiting our website.

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