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Facial Care

Pre Appointment Facial Care

Should you go to a facial without makeup?

Yes, you should come to your facial appointment with a clean face free of all makeup products.


Should you wash your face before a facial?


You can wash your face before your appointment so that it’s clean. A double cleanse is done during the appointment but this is a deeper clean that's a part of the facial process.

How do you prepare for a facial?


Come with a clean, makeup-free face.

Other considerations:

  • To receive a facial, you must not be on any acne medications, experiencing an active breakout, or be using any type of retinol products

  • Must not of had any recent facial treatments that include peels or laser treatments

  • Must not have any permanent makeup procedures that aren't fully healed, or had any waxing services performed on the face in the last 2 weeks

  • Must not be actively using tanning beds or be sunburnt in the last 2 weeks

  • Complete the online consent form and waiver provided in your confirmation email

Post Appointment Facial Care

Can you wash your face after a facial?

You can wash your face after a facial as soon as you feel necessary. Most clients usually wait until the next day to wash their face though, considering you’ll be leaving glowing and fresh.


How long after a facial can I put on makeup?


It is recommended to wait 24 hours after your facial appointment before applying makeup. Your skin's absorption rate is extremely high after a facial, meaning you should only be applying products to your face that will positively benefit from this extra absorption.

How do I keep my skin glowing after a facial?


You can keep your skin glowing after a facial by washing daily with quality filled ingredient products and staying moisturized and hydrated. Drinking enough water daily is important for keeping the skin glowing.


Be sure to stay out of the sun


After a facial it is important to stay out of direct sunlight, especially without SPF. dhesthetics recommends wearing SPF daily on your face. SPF helps to protect your skin from harmful UV rays that can cause sunspots, dark spots and premature wrinkling.

Avoid picking at your skin


After a facial it is normal to experience some peeling or minor breakouts. It is imperative that you do not pick at these spots and let them breathe and heal naturally. Picking at your skin can cause irritation and unnecessary sensitivity.


Postpone any wax or laser treatments on your face

After a facial you should avoid waxing or laser treatments for 2 weeks. Skin is sensitive after a facial and should be looked after with proper moisturization and hydration.


Other considerations:


  • During your appointment Danielle will speak to you thoroughly about the current products you’re using at home and change recommendations to benefit your specific skin concerns

  • If you’re a first time facial client with dhesthetics you’ll receive an aftercare kit with moisturizer and SPF samples. We recommend using these until they run out as they’re the same products used during your procedure

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