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Spray Tan Care

Pre Appointment Spray Tan Care

What should I do before a spray tan?

  • Shower 12-24 hours before appointment

  • Do not apply any products including lotions, oils or deodorant 

  • Exfoliate

  • Remove makeup

  • Remove all jewelry

  • Complete the online consent form and waiver provided in your confirmation email


Choose the best undergarments for minimal tan lines


You must be comfortable in undergarments/bathing suit/nude during the tan process. If you wear undergarments or a bathing suit for your tan, they will temporarily have tanning solution on them. The solution does come off after washing them. Keep in mind the type of under garment you choose to wear will determine your tan lines.

Do not shave directly before appointment


Shaving directly before your appointment is not recommended. Shaving dries the skin out and it’s not recommended to moisturize directly before tanning. If you need to shave, make sure you do it 12-24 hours before your appointment so that you’re able to lightly moisturize without compromising the tan.

Post Appointment Spray Tan Care

Before Your Rinse Time

Make sure to wear loose clothing

Wearing loose clothing after your appointment will avoid the tan transferring or rubbing off on tight clothing. It also makes it easier for you to get dressed after your appointment without worrying.


Avoid touching your skin


Touching your skin can make the tan transfer to the palms of your hands and fingers. When the tan develops your hands will also tan which is unnatural.

Avoid sweating or getting your skin wet


Sweating or getting wet will stop the development process, meaning your tan will develop uneven. Tanning should be done on a day or at a time where you know you do not have to do anything afterwards that could compromise developing.


How do I rinse my tan?


Rinsing your tan is simple, just hop in the shower with the water running cool to lukewarm. Do a quick full body 30-45 second rinse, including your face. When you get out of the shower, pat yourself dry with a towel, or air dry, then use a spray tan safe moisturizer to moisturize all over.

After Your Rinse Time

How long after a spray tan can I shower?


After your spray tan RINSE you can shower after a full 24 hours. This shower can be a full body wash with soap, but do not exfoliate. Once out of the shower, always pat dry with a towel, or air dry and fully moisturize.


What soap should I use after a spray tan?

Dhesthetics has 2 recommended body washes to use in the shower to help preserve your tan. Aveevo Daily Moisturizing body wash or Cetaphil Daily Nourishing body wash. All of these body washes have great ingredients in them that will help to preserve not only your tan, but keep your skin healthy. All of these moisturizers should be good for any skin type.


Moisturize after the shower


Keeping your skin moisturized is critical to prolonging the life of your tan. A spray tan does not penetrate the deeper layers of the skin, it sits on the top layers. Our skin sheds dead skin cells daily, meaning that the layers of our skin the tan is absorbed into will shed faster if your skin is dry. Dhesthetics recommends any of the Hempz moisturizers, the Aveevo Active Naturals moisturizing lotion, or the Vaseline Intensive Care Body Lotion in Cocoa Radiant as they’re all free of tan compromising ingredients.

Can you shave with a spray tan?


Shaving should be avoided while you have a spray tan. Razors not only remove hair from the body but the top layer of dead skin cells, this could compromise your tan and cause it to fade faster or appear streaky.

How do I wash my face after a spray tan?


You can wash your face as normal after a spray tan. It’s always good to note that seeing as you wash and touch your face more frequently the tan will always fade faster on your face. To maintain the tan on your face you can use tanning drops, tanning mousse, or gradual tanning lotions/sprays. Dhesthetics also sells take home tanning products in the studio.

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