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Spray Tans

What is a spray tan?

A spray tan is a solution that is sprayed on and reacts with the skin to create a sunless tan. Spray tans are a safe way of giving the skin colour without the damaging effects of UV exposure. A professional spray tan is a great choice for anyone looking for a fast solution to providing their skin with colour.

How do spray tans work?

Spray tans work by misting a solution onto the skin that develops in colour. We use a machine with an applicator attached that sprays a fine mist. This mist evenly coats the skin with a developing solution with an instant colour bronzer. The solution that's used will process into the desired tone within a full 24 hours, but needs to be rinsed between one and eight hours to halt the development to the desired colouring.


How long do spray tans last?


Spray tans typically last 7 to 10 days when taken care of properly. Client aftercare is imperative to a spray tans longevity. Following rinse times, keeping the skin moisturized with the right products and avoiding exfoliation are all key to maintaining a sunless spray tan.

How long do spray tans take?


Spray tans only take about 15 minutes when done by a trained professional. A professional spray tan is a fast, pain free and easy service. The client is directed into the different positions for spraying by the artist making the appointment go by smoothly.


How often should you get a spray tan?


Spray tans can be done as often as desired. Most frequently, clients will get a fake tan weekly as 7 days is usually how long a spray tan will look its best. Clients who spray tan weekly will exfoliate their remaining tan off before getting a new one. Opposingly, some clients only get professional spray tans for special occasions.

How long does it take for a spray tan to develop?


Spray tans take 24 hours to fully develop. The true colour of a sunless spray tan will show at the 24 hour mark post appointment. This is why we recommend being careful with your skin for the first day, as well as getting a professional spray tan done two days before any special event.


How long after a spray tan can I shower?


You can shower anywhere from 1 to 8 hours after a spray tan depending on the solution used. Rinsing time is based on the type of solution used and the amount of colour the client is trying to achieve. Rinse time will be detailed to the client during the after care instructions.

How much does a spray tan cost?


A spray tan with dhesthetics is $40 plus tax and includes a thorough consultation, prep instructions prior to the appointment and detailed after care. A complimentary aftercare kit is included for all new clients.


Do spray tans look natural?


Spray tans can look natural or bold depending on the client's preference. A natural spray tan is always achievable with fake tanning. The spray tan experience is always customized to the clients desires.


Do spray tans make you look orange?


Spray tans do not make you look orange when performed by a trained professional. Using the correct colour formulation is important in achieving a natural tan with no orange tones. Visiting a trained professional, like Danielle from dhesthetics, is important in ensuring your tan is never orange.


Do spray tans wash off in the pool?


Spray tans can be negatively affected by swimming in a pool. Most pools are treated with chlorine which can dry the skin out, which in turn can cause a professional spray tan to fade faster than usual.


Are spray tans safe during pregnancy?


Spray tans are safe during pregnancy with consent from your doctor. There have been no studies to show that sunless spray tanning causes any harm during pregnancy, but just like anything while pregnant, a doctor should always be consulted with prior to and are encouraged to do so by dhesthetics.


When should you get a spray tan before an event?


If you’re going to an event, you should get your spray tan done 2 days before. Spray tans take a full 24 hours for the colour to develop properly, meaning your spray tan will look its absolute best by day 2.


Where can I get a spray tan?


You can get a spray tan at dhesthetics. Danielle has over 2 years of experience in professional spray tanning and has taken multiple trainings to advance her knowledge. You can book an appointment with dhesthetics by visiting our website.

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