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Hybrid Eyelash Extensions

What are hybrid eyelash extensions?

Hybrid eyelash extensions are a mixture of classic and volume lashes where some lashes have a fan of lashes attached, and others have one single lash attached. Hybrid lashes are a perfect in between for someone who likes their lashes to look slightly fuller than their natural lashes.

What do hybrid eyelash extensions look like?

Hybrid eyelashes extensions are slightly denser than classic eyelashes, but not as dense as volume eyelashes. Using a mixture of classic and volume lashes gives a fluffy appearance that isn’t as full as volume lashes. Hybrid lashes are recommended for people who do not have a full natural lash line but would like the appearance of one.


How long do hybrid eyelash extensions last?


Hybrid eyelash extensions typically last between 2 to 3 weeks. Seeing as hybrid lashes use a mixture of both classic and volume lashes, for most people 2.5 weeks is the average amount of time before needing a fill.

How often should I get a fill for my hybrid lashes?


You should get a fill for your lashes every 2 to 3 weeks. This is the same for all types of lash extensions as our natural lashes go through a growth cycle and need to be replaced as they shed. We typically lose 3 to 5 lashes per day, so over 3 weeks that’s almost 50% of lashes lost that need to be replaced.


How long do hybrid eyelash extensions take?

Hybrid eyelashes extensions usually take 2.5 hours to apply. Volume style lashes take more time to make, meaning hybrid lashes take slightly longer than classic lashes to apply.

How are hybrid eyelash extensions applied?


Hybrid lashes extensions are applied to adhering classic and volume lashes to each individual natural lash. Usually hybrid lashes would consist of alternating between classic and volume lashes for a 50:50 ratio on each eye.


How much do hybrid eyelash extensions cost?


At dhesthetics, a full set of hybrid eyelash extensions is $145 plus tax, a 2 week fill is $70 plus tax, and a 3 week fill is $80 plus tax. A complimentary aftercare kit is included for all new clients. 


Can you put mascara on hybrid eyelash extensions?


No. You cannot put mascara on hybrid eyelash extensions. Just like any other type of lash extensions, mascara cannot be applied to them. Mascara is formulated with oils that can break down the bonds in the adhesive. It is also recommended that you do not rub your eyes with lash extensions which would make mascara difficult to remove.

Can you wear eyeliner with hybrid eyelash extensions?


Eyeliner can be worn with eyelash extensions as long as it’s oil-free. Some eyeliners are formulated with oils, which would not be recommended to wear with eyelash extensions. Oil-free, liquid eyeliner is recommended, and it must be removed at the end of the day to prevent product build up and premature shedding.


Can you get hybrid eyelash extensions wet?


Hybrid eyelash extensions can get wet after the recommended 6 hours for the adhesive bond to cure properly. it is not recommended to expose them to direct water pressure or prolonged moisture.


Can you wear hybrid eyelash extensions with glasses?


Hybrid eyelash extension can be worn with glasses. Each set of lash extensions is customized to the clients wants and desires, meaning that for glasses wearers, extensions can be kept to a suitable length where they would not interfere.


Do hybrid eyelash extensions ruin your real lashes?


Hybrid eyelash extensions do not ruin your real lashes. With proper application and correct aftercare, lash extensions should cause absolutely no damage to the natural lashes.


What is the difference between hybrid eyelash extensions and classic lash extensions?


The difference between hybrid eyelash extensions and classic lash extensions is that hybrid lashes are slightly fuller and denser. Hybrid lashes are a mixture of volume and classic lashes making them the perfect in between for those wanting a little extra density than classic lashes.


What is the difference between hybrid eyelash extensions and volume lash extensions?


The difference between hybrid eyelash extensions and volume lash extensions is that hybrid lashes are less dense and full as volume lashes. Hybrid lashes are a great option for those wanting some extra fullness in their lash line, but not ready for the full density of volume lashes.


Where can I get hybrid eyelash extensions?


You can get hybrid eyelash extensions from dhesthetics. With over 3 years of experience you can be sure you’ll be in the best hands. You can book an appointment with dhesthetics by visiting our website.

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