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Brow Care

Pre Appointment Brow Care

What should I do before brow lamination, waxing or henna?

  • Come with a clean, makeup-free face

  • For waxing, you must not be on any acne medications or using retinols

  • For henna, you must not have any permanent makeup (microblading, shading, ect)

  • For brow lamination, you must wait 6 weeks between a previous brow lamination or brow henna appointment

  • Complete the online consent form and waiver for the corresponding service provided in your confirmation email

Post Appointment Brow Care

Can I wash my face after a brow lamination, waxing or henna?

You must wait 24 hours after a brow lamination or henna appointment to wash your face. Brow lamination and henna need time to set before being exposed to water. You can wash your face immediately after brow waxing.


Can I wear makeup after a brow lamination, waxing or henna?


It is not recommended to apply any type of makeup after brow services. The skin needs time to heal, and the lamination or henna needs time to set, so avoiding makeup is recommended. After the 24 hour waiting period, makeup can be applied as normal.

Other things to consider after your brow appointment:


  • Avoid touching your brows

  • Use a brow conditioner daily, if you’re a first time brow client with dhesthetics, you will be provided with an aftercare kit that includes a brow conditioner. They are also available for purchase at the studio.

  • Gently comb your brow hairs daily

  • Always remove makeup at the end of the day

  • Book your next brow appointment accordingly


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