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What does a facial do?

A facial helps to rejuvenate the skin by providing a deeper cleanse than regular face washing. Facials are great for aiding in the removal of dead skin cells, brightening the skin's complexion, clearing pores and providing moisture.

What are the benefits of a facial?

When performed regularly, facials help to maintain moisture levels in the skin as well as keeping the skin fresh and rejuvenated. Many see facials as a one-off luxury service used to treat yourself, when in reality, facials are a necessity for those looking to maintain their skin health.


How often can facials be done?


Facials can be done roughly every 4 to 6 weeks. Getting facials on a regular basis will benefit the skin greatly by maintaining moisture levels, removal of dead skin cells and continuous benefits of the LED light therapy to maintain skin health.

What different types of facials are there?


There are many different types of facials. Dhesthetics glow facial includes double cleansing, exfoliation, toning, hydration masque, under eye and facial moisturizing, and SPF application. A facial massage is also provided, along with LED light therapy to target specific skin concerns. Dermaplaning and hydrojelly masque add ons are also available and are a great complimentary service to a facial.


What facial treatment is good for acne?


Facials are not typically recommended for those experiencing an active acne breakout. A facial could worsen active acne by irritating it and spreading the bacteria. On the other hand, if a client has acne prone skin and is not currently experiencing an active breakout, dhesthetics glow facial and hydrojelly masque is the best choice. The products used are gentle on the skin and the LED light therapy paired with hydrojelly masque will help target the bacteria under the skin helping to prevent and minimize breakouts.

What facial treatment is good for dark spots?


Any facial treatment can help with dark spots. Specifically dhesthetics’ ultimate glow facial would be a great option. This facial combines dermaplaning, LED light therapy and a hydrojelly masque to help target dark spots and brightening the overall complexion. Regular facials with LED therapy exposure will help minimize and diminish dark spots over time.


What facial treatment is good for wrinkles?


Any facial treatment is good for wrinkles. Specifically adding a firming and contouring hydrojelly masque to any facial paired with LED light therapy can help minimize the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. A thorough consultation is done before any facial treatment to help determine the best pairing of products to target your specific concerns.


How much does a facial cost?


A glow facial with dhesthetics is $45 plus tax, with the option to add on a hydrojelly masque for an extra $20. A complimentary aftercare kit is included for all new clients.


Can facials damage your skin?


Facials do not damage your skin. When using proper products and procedures, facials are not damaging to the skin. A consultation is done prior to performing the facial, so if any concerns arise, the service can be adjusted accordingly.


Are there any side effects of facials?


Facials are a deeper cleaning of the skin and can cause some mild side effects. These side effects include redness, slight irritation or sensitivity, peeling and a burning sensation when applying products for the first 24 to 48 hours. All of these side effects are normal reactions to a facial and clients may experience or all none, depending on their skin type.


Where can I get a facial?


You can get a facial at dhesthetics. Danielle is experienced in facials and provides a comfortable and relaxing experience. You can book an appointment with dhesthetics by visiting our website.

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