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The Dreaded Fall Shed

Its that time of year lash babes!

The spring and fall is when we see increased shedding with our extensions, but don't worry! It's normal. With the temperature changing, and our body trying to adjust, it is normal for us to shed a little more than usual. On average we shed 3-5 lashes per day, and seeing as this could be increased during the season change, it is best to adjust your re-lash schedule as to not miss out on those full lashes you love so much!

It takes around 1-3 cycles for your lashes to regulate back to normal shedding, and dont worry if they're not looking as full as usual either. During the winter, just like our hair gets finer (thinner: meaning less hairs on your head growing), so do our lashes. It's normal to not have as full lashes as you did during the summer months.

Regular maintenance of your lashes is still required. You should be washing them daily with an oil-free foaming cleanser if wearing eye makeup, and every other day if you prefer to rock a natural look with no makeup. Also brushing your lashes daily, and making sure not to pick or pull at them. During the winter it is a great idea to find an oil-free moisturizer to apply to your eyelids to stop your eyelashes from becoming brittle and thinning.

Together we will conquer the dreaded fall shed!

Hang in there lash babes.

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