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Tooth Gems

What is a tooth gem?

A tooth gem is a Swarovski crystal that is applied to the surface of the tooth. The base of the Swarovski tooth crystal is made from a dental safe metal plate that is flat to adhere to the tooth.Tooth diamonds are a fun way to express your style and add an extra sparkle to your smile.

How do tooth gems work?

Tooth gems are extremely simple to apply and maintain. Once the gem is applied, you can brush, eat and do anything else you’d normally do without having to worry. The application is a fast and easy process that is harmless to the teeth.


What does a tooth gem look like?


A Swarovski tooth crystal is applied to the surface of your tooth. 

How long do tooth gems last?


Tooth gems can last anywhere from 2 months to more than 1 year if taken care of properly. We use a dental grade bond to adhere the Swarovski tooth crystal which means the gem should not come off easily from everyday lifestyle habits. Dhesthetics has a one month guarantee on all tooth gems applied, so if it does happen to pop off within the first month, we’ll replace it for free.


How are tooth gems applied?


Tooth gem application is fairly simple. We start by filling out the consent form and doing a thorough consultation. Once a tooth has been chosen for gem application, we place a cheek retractor in the mouth to make the area more accessible. The tooth is then prepped for gem application, and the gem is applied with dental grade bond to the desired tooth. The bond is then cured with a blue LED light and checked to make sure it’s fully adhered.

How are tooth gems removed?


Tooth gems must be removed by a dental professional. The process is simple, but must be done by a dental professional as a buffing tool is needed for easiest removal with no left over residue. Simply call your dentist and book an appointment to have it removed.


What size are tooth gems?


A standard tooth gem is approximately 0.8mm in diameter. This standard size is usually the most desirable by clients as it’s small enough to be inconspicuous when needed, but has a high shine when smiling. Swarovski tooth crystals come in all shapes, sizes and colours and can be special ordered if requested by the client.


How much do tooth gems cost?


A standard 0.8mm single tooth gem application with dhesthetics is $70 plus tax, and prices go up depending on the amount and type of gems being applied.


Can you whiten your teeth with tooth gems on?


Teeth whitening can be done with tooth gems on. However, the whitening will be ineffective underneath the tooth gem, and may require you to have your teeth whitened again after the gem is removed. We recommend getting your teeth whitening prior to a Swarovski tooth gem application.


Do tooth gems damage your teeth?


Tooth gems do not damage your teeth. Gems are applied to the outer surface of the tooth, with a dental grade bond. Tooth diamonds can be removed by a dental professional by buffing the bond off the same way they do for orthodontic brace brackets.


Where can I get a tooth gem?


You can get tooth gems at dhesthetics. Danielle has over a year of experience in tooth gem application with many satisfied clients. You can book an appointment with dhesthetics by visiting our website.

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