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Lift & Tint Training.

Eyelash Lifting & Tinting Training
$500 +HST

Become the ultimate #BOSSBABE with this detailed & indepth course on eyelash lifting & tinting.


In this 1 day course you will learn: 

What is a lash lift?    

Natural lashes & growth phases

Hand hygiene

Face protection

Eyewash station

Pets & children

Lash room cleanliness & set up

Tools & disposables


Levels of decontaminants


Unacceptable methods


Allergies & irritations


Pre-care & after care



Frequent problems

Frequently asked questions

Consent forms

How to create a successful lift & tint business

After the theoretical portion of the course is completed, we will move onto the practical portion on a live model.


 A model will be needed for the practical portion of the course.

If you cannot find a model, please provide me with sufficent notice so 

that I can find one for you!


The practical will be FULLY monitored by myself, & could take up to 4 hours to complete the full set. 

A premium kit is included with the course. 


Kit includes:

dhesthetics Training Manual

10 lift & 10 setting lotion sachets (enough for 50 clients)

1 bottle of nourishing oil

1 lift adhesive

6 pairs of lift pads

50 undereye pads

1 roll of sensitive skin tape

100 lash wands

100 micro swabs

5 Y-combs

5 lash picks

Black Lash Tint

Cream oxidant

1 mini heat sealer

Upon completion of the course, a certificate will be provided.

*Please note: if I find that you require more practice before being certified, you will be asked to complete

at least 3 additional full sets & provide detailed pictures before recieving your certificate*

After course completion you will have access to myself 24/7 for ongoing assistance with getting your business started.

You will also receive an email with helpful links to supply websites.

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