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Brow Henna

What is brow henna?

Brow henna is semi permanent tinting of the brows and the skin underneath. Seeing as brow henna lasts longer than regular tint, we’re able to use it to actually create a brow shape by staining the skin as well as the actual hairs.

How does brow henna work?

Brow henna works by using high grade henna to semi permanently tint the brow hairs and skin. The brows are first mapped out, then henna is applied to the desired area and left on for 20 to 30 minutes to dry. Once dried the henna is washed away with brow shampoo, leaving perfectly shaped and hennaed brows.


How long does brow henna last?


Brow henna can last anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks. How long henna lasts will depend on the client's lifestyle. If you sweat more, use saunas or exfoliate a lot, henna can wear slightly faster.

How long does brow henna take?


Brow henna takes approximately 1.5 hours. The reason brow henna appointments are slightly longer is because henna is unforgiving; one placed it stains the skin, meaning more time needs to be taken to map the brows out perfectly. The henna also needs to fully dry after being applied to give optimal results.


How often should you get brow henna done?


Brow henna can be done every 6 to 8 weeks. Seeing as brow henna is a form of brow tinting that lasts the longest, you can go longer between sessions. How often you get brow henna done will depend on your lifestyle and how quickly it fades.

How long after brow henna can I wash my face?


After brow henna, you should wait 24 hours before washing your face or getting them wet. Brow henna oxidizes and becomes slightly darker over the hours proceeding the appointment, so avoiding getting them wet will allow the henna to fully develop properly.


How much does brow henna cost?


Brow henna at dhesthetics includes a brow wax and is $75 plus tax. A complimentary aftercare kit is included for all new clients.


Does brow henna look natural?


Brow henna typically does not look natural. Henna stains the hairs and skin, giving a defined shape to the brows. This appears as more of a no makeup, makeup looking brow. Henna can look natural without makeup when paired with lash extensions.


Where can I get brow henna?


You can get brow henna at dhesthetics. Danielle has been doing brow henna for 2 years, so you can trust you’ll be in good hands. You can book an appointment with dhesthetics by visiting our website.

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